The Write War: #1: Write Every Day

I am a warrior. An amazon. A knife-wielder who uses the blade of her mind. I want to slice into you. To use my words to cut your heart, scar your soul, change your worldview based on what you've read.

Perhaps that is a vain and foolish goal.

But, books have changed the face of our Earth. Yevgeny Zamyatin's novel WE saw him driven from his country. Harriet Beecher Stowe's UNCLE TOM'S CABIN brought about a civil war. LOLITA let us into the mind of a pedophile. SIDDHARTHA allowed us into a different religion. HARRY POTTER inspired imagination and literacy in a modern world of video games and mind-numbing TV. TWILIGHT reminded us of chivalry and old-fashioned values.

You see? My goal is neither vain or foolish. It is that thing that must be done. It's consuming and thrilling and sweeter than strawberry wine and sticky cinnamon buns.

The drive to write crawls over my skin. It travels on top of the oxygen in my blood. Writing is as much a part of me as my name is. Yes, I would introduce myself as Erin, the writer. I am proud to claim that identity.

If you are a writer, claim it. Let me see you scale a mountain or a skyscraper and shout about your wordsmithing. Just. Get. It. Out.

Let's meet at conferences. Let's cheer one another through rejection letters and book contracts.

Let's never let one another stop fighting. We're all warriors who spar with words. This fight is the good fight, the one that matters.

As a fellow warrior, I believe in you and in the power of words. Magic. Swords. Shields. We have it all, so let's use it. Every single day.



Writing: First draft of a zombie trilogy. Another chapter under wraps today.

Reading: DARK EYE by William Bernhardt, PARALLEX by Jere Ellison, THE SEVERING by Sabrina Fish.

Listening to: Pandora, First State Channel.

Drinking: Chai Latte. Yum!


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