The Write War: #3: 5 Lit. Mags. Seeking Submissions

1. Mixed Fruit

Mixed Fruit is accepting submissions through September 10 for the October issue. We're looking for works of literary fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, translation, and visual arts. Please read our submission guidelines before sending your work.

2. Specter Literary Magazine

Specter Literary Magazine publishes poetry, fiction and creative nonfiction, with innate rhythm from a multi-cultural/multi-sexual perspective, expressing "the modern experience." We want work from all writers, but particularly from members of the so-called "Generations X,Y, Z, Millennials..." et al. Tell us a story; write us a poem; show us your world.

Please take a moment to read our Issue Zero at to familiarize yourself with our journal. Specter Magazine publishes monthly and currently accepts submissions for future issues. Submissions must reflect a strong command of literary craft. Prior education and/or publication experience is not a determining factor for acceptance.

Beyond reading and adhering to our submission guidelines, our advice to writers is this: don’t bother worrying about the editors’ literary tastes. Submit your best, most polished work and we will give it a fair shake.

3. Cider Press Review

Cider Press Review is accepting poetry submissions until August 31.

CPR considers only previously unpublished poetry or translations of poetry in English, and reviews of poetry books of approx. 500 words. CPR does not accept simultaneous or email submissions. Submit up to 5 poems at a time, preferably via our online submission form (available online between April1 and August 31) or by postal mail. Cover letter is preferred with mailed submission. Include short bio (50 words maximum). SASE required for reply. Do not send unsolicited disk or e-mail submissions. Poems are circulated to an editorial board. Responds in 1-6 months.

4. Sugar Mule

Sugar Mule: A Literary Magazine ( invites submissions for a special issue on Women Writing Nature. For this issue, the guest editor, Jeanetta Calhoun Mish, would like to see poetry and creative nonfiction (or the two combined) only—please don’t send fiction. Please send poetry, essays, memoirs, reflections, and scientifically-based essays (think McPhee) aimed at a general audience.

Topics include (but are not limited to) women’s perspectives on nature, women’s experiences with nature or with its non-human inhabitants, and travel/voyager/explorer journals that concentrate on the writer’s interaction with the natural world. Contributions by women of color and by women outside the academy are encouraged.

If you’re not sure if your essay will “fit,” send it along anyway—the editor hopes to collect the unusual essay as well as the common one written uncommonly well. If your essay is selected, it will be published online July 2112 in Sugar Mule. You may send queries for prose if you wish to confirm conditional acceptance before writing. Sugar Mule does not pay for accepted work(s) at this time.

Query deadline is December 15; submission deadline (with or without query) is February 1.

Please send submissions directly to the editor, Jeanetta Calhoun Mish: tonguetiedwoman(at)
Subject line must read: “Women Writing Nature.” We will not respond to submissions sent to the wrong email address or that do not have “Women Writing Nature” in the subject line.

5. Toad

Toad. shamelessly small. FURIOUSLY BIG.

Hear ye! Hear ye!

Toad, a new-ish online journal of exciting art, is reading poetry, prose of the fictional and the non-fictional variety, ekphrastic work, and all kinds of writing that stretches, bends, and breaks genres. Toad is also in the market for exciting visual art.

To read our second issue, toss your crown into the pond at our artistic response forum, or review submission guidelines, visit

As you can see, there is a home for every writer and every piece written. Have fun submitting!



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