Checking Off the To-Do List

I've had on my to-do list "revamp blog" for about forever and a day. But I always seemed to have better, more important things on the list as well. Today it's been rainy and cold (for an Oklahoma summer anyway), so I sat my butt in my chair, took a deep breath, and dove in.

ERIN YORK: Author and Editor may not be perfect. May never reach a state of perfection. But it's better than it was yesterday when weird flames were eating my profile picture's face. Don't ask me how THAT happened.

I got my freaky background image from a free blogger template provider called Jelly Pages. They are absolutely amazing, so be sure to click on the link. They provide all kinds of templates, so even if you aren't a wannabe evil genius like me, you're still sure to find something.

In other news, the illustrious Carolyn Wall spoke to my writing group, OCWI, today about forming critique groups. Her talk made me anxious for my own critique group's meeting, which will be coming up on August 28th. I've already sent out my twenty pages like a good girl. But have I started reading everyone else's work? Nooo...

While I've been working on the blog today, I've been listening to The Album Leaf, one of my favorite music groups. Check them out when you're bored of Coldplay. I've also had the company of green tea and a buzzing cell phone (one of my bud's got a new number), so whoever says writing and all the things that go with it makes for lonesome work--well, they lied.

I'm reading Kristin Cashore's second novel, FIRE, and I'm loving it. It's provided worlds of inspiration for my own book, which is going amazingly well (now that it has a sense of direction--thank you, Inciting Incident revision). If I keep zooming through, twenty-five pages a day, I'll be done by the end of the month.

But my goal for being done with my YA horror novel, DEAD DOLL, (the first in a morbid series) is September 15, two days before my birthday. And, yes, it will be done by then. No ifs, ands, or buts. I'll take your well-wishes though because I'll be pitching it to an agent at Trident Media.

More news to come. Thanks for stopping by and be sure to say hi.


  1. I love your background! I am going to have to check them out and find one for myself! Way to be disciplined in getting your novel done!

  2. Thanks so much, friend. Let me know if you change your background! XOXO


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