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Back in high school, my amazing friend and fellow blogger, Amanda Doty, got me a gig doing book reviews for The Kansas City Star--that's KC's biggest newspaper.  Unfortunately, that section of the paper was one of the ones shut down when they had to make budget cuts.

That meant the flow of advanced reader's copies for YA novels got cut off. I've been waiting for the newest novels by my favorite authors to come out just like everybody else ever since then. But now that I'm working at Full Circle Books, I'll have access to advanced reader's copies once more!

Needless to say, I'm thrilled.

I picked out three titles the last time I worked: Every Day by David Levithan, which actually came out last month, Speed of Light by Amber Kizer, which comes out this November, and Mystic City by Theo Lawrence, which comes out this October (a.k.a. tomorrow).

I'll be reading Mystic City as quickly as I can (which means I really need to finish R. L. Stine's Temptation) and post a review shortly there-after. I'll do the same with Speed of Light.

I plan on reviewing Every Day last, since it's already hit the shelves.

My goal is to do one book review for a book debuting in the next month from now on. If you have any requests, let me know! I can't predict which advanced reader's copies Full Circle will get, but if I do see a title you're interested in, I'll be sure to grab it.

So what books are you interested in seeing a review for?

There's the cover of Every Day. Pretty cool, no?


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