For Those of You Who Didn't Know...

This coming weekend is the weekend of the Rose State College Writing Short Course. Whoo-hoo! Conference time!

And at this one, I not only get to attend, I also get to present (along with my fabulous friends and fellow writers Sabrina Fish and Tom Barczak) on my second favorite topic: Social Media for Authors.

Rose State has an INCREDIBLE line up of best-selling authors (like William Bernhardt and Phillip Margolin), agents (like Melissa Flashman from Trident Media), and more. Whether you're a poet, a screenplay writer, or novelist, or nonfiction writer, they've got it covered.

I feel honored to be presenting with such esteemed faculty and look forward to attending all the sessions that I can. If you haven't signed up, but want to come to the best new conference in the Midwest, there's still time. Visit the Rose State College website. I've made it easy for you. The link I posted will whisk you to the Short Course page.

Join us--It's only 99 bucks. We'd love to have you.


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