Hi, Health. How are you?

It'd been three months since I last visited my doctor. For those of you who knew I got sick last year--like reeeeallly sick--that's a miracle in-and-of-itself. And even better, everything checked out. The physical therapy I'm receiving seems to be helping my body learn how to turn its muscles "off."

I've been waiting for about a year and a half to hear this kind of news. The progress is slow, but good. That's more than I could ask for.

Add this to settling into Oklahoma City with two jobs, two great writers groups (with officer positions), mornings to work on my book, and friends that feel like family, and you've got one happy Erin.

Oh, and if you read yesterday's blogpost, I'd like to update my progress on R. L. Stine's Temptation. I got to a zombie. So I'm changing my verdict. Dead people = much better than vampires.

How is everyone in the blog world doing, health-wise? And reading wise? Have any of you read Gone Girl? I'm planning on seeing if Full Circle Books has an extra copy I can check out this Friday...


  1. Yay, so glad that your health issues are resolving! I prayed it would be so. I love having you in my writing family, dear friend!


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