Hump Day

I am so blessed to be working three different jobs. Rose State hired me to work in the tutoring center and the testing center. Full Circle hired me to sell the project of the gods--books. I love all the new people I've met. My bosses are kind, understanding, and confident in their knowledge. My co-workers are helpful and super sweet. One at Full Circle even gave me a hug on my first day there. Another at Rose State shares a  lifeline strangely smiliar to mine. These are jobs I hope to hold as I live in Oklahoma this year and through my grad school program.

Thanks to these people and my wonderful friends here--especially Sabrina Fish and Angela Archer--OKC is turning into home.

Thanks for hanging in there with me, everyone! And encouraging me to do what I love most.

Now, back to that novel I'm writing...How's everyone else's writing going? Have you made progress this first week of fall?


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