My Life is Words

Since I could hold a crayon and write my ABC's, I've been telling stories. Now I'm planning on going to the University of Oklahoma's graduate school of professional writing for my MPW. I feel so fancy saying I'm about to become a graduate student. And I feel even fancier saying that I won't be defending a moderate length thesis at the end of my two-year program, I'll be arguing the merits of an entire novel I have written.

OU's school of PW has an amazing reputation. They have faculty who've published hundreds of books in combination, including Mel Odom, who, himself, has published over 150 novels. They have students like Jim Butcher who've gone on to have stunningly successful writing careers--AND 100 percent of their PhD students have found employment either before graduating or just after graduating.

Am I excited? You bet. I wish I didn't have to wait until next fall to apply (next fall, they're awarding full graduate tuition waivers ]through assistance-ships], and I'm definitely applying for those). The building is beautiful. Everyone was friendly. And I think my work will be a perfect match for the subjects they center around most.

Undergrad was fun. But this, this MPW program at OU...It's where I belong.

Wish me luck as I work on piecing together my application. Do you have any graduate program stories you'd like to share? Any advice? I'd love to hear it.


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