What is Horror Anymore?

I'm reading R. L. Stine's new YA horror novel, Temptation. Frankly, I'm finding it less than horrific. The general plot line is ancient vampires (who sound more like depressed teenagers) make a bet to turn two humans into vampires by summer's end. Whoever completes the task first, wins. The vampires call blood "nectar," which made me laugh out loud. The book seems to lack elements of suspense, and I can't seem to stop myself from editing wordy sentences.

Don't get me wrong. I LOVE Stine's writing. Goosebumps comprised about a fourth of my childhood reading time--I couldn't get enough of those creepy, chill-raising books. And I can't WAIT to read Red Rain, his first adult horror novel. So...is it just me? Am I growing up? Is writing horror myself alerting me to the tricks the genre and spoiling the suspense? Or are vampires just so totally overdone at this point that any book concerning them makes me roll my eyes.

I'm about halfway through Temptation. I've blown past the first death and hardly blinked at it. But I'll save my final verdict on the novel for the last page.

Have you read R. L. Stine's new horror novel? What were your thoughts on it? And what are your thoughts on the horror genre in general?


  1. Sounds more like young adult paranormal to me.

  2. I agree. I'm trying to swallow my disappointment though and enjoy the book for what it is.


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