DEAD DOLL--An Update on the Edit

As of today, I'm fifteen pages from the end of the first edit of my YA horror novel, DEAD DOLL, the first in a trilogy.

I'm drawing to a close, which has caused me to reflect on many aspects of the book. Here are some of the things I'm mulling over...

1) Is my novel truly horror? If most of the main characters are already dead, how can that be horrific? What's worse than death in people's eyes? So I'm thinking about changing the genre to paranormal.

2) Should I use loss of memory as a device throughout the story? At first, I liked the concept of weaving memories into the framework of the novel. Now that I've actually done it, I've decided I hate it. So I've massively changed the way I'm using memory loss.

3) How the heck do you write romance? I have a romantic subplot between my main character and two guys, so guess what I'm doing. I'm rereading TWILIGHT. Yes, Stephanie Meyer's book that so many of my friends hate so adamantly, to try and learn how to write romance.

4) Where is the true climax of my novel? I suppose this one wasn't as hard to figure out as some of my other questions, but I'm significantly changing plot point 2 and the last few chapters (and adding in a scene) to fit my new take on what, plot-wise, must be revealed in book 1.

and 5) How do I work in more material? My book is a little over 75,000 words, which means that it's of an adequate length. But I want more. And if I want more, I think readers will, too.

So wish me luck on these last few pages. Then wish me even more luck as I dig into this massive rewrite.

What do you like to see most in novels? What's your favorite YA paranormal novel, and why? And if you're writing a book, like me, how's it going?

Until next time!


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