Meeting a Penguin Books Sales Rep

I've been raving about my job at Full Circle to everyone I meet. In addition to being surrounded by and getting to sell the product of the gods (books), I also get to borrow them from the store, take home advanced readers' copies and blog about them, and now, I'm getting to meet fabulous people from the publishing industry.

A sales rep from Penguin books, specifically from Razorbill (the YA imprint) stopped by our store yesterday. She and I spent over a half hour walking through the YA section. She pointed out great titles that I MUST read, and she promised to send me some titles that I could review on here.

And she ever good at her job. It's a good thing this week wasn't pay week because I would have snapped up all the titles she pointed out to me. I did make a long list on my iPad though. I'll be good and work through them one at a time (probably).

I also got to talk to her some about my own YA trilogy. She seemed super excited about the idea. When my book is out on the shelves, I'll have to return the favor she's done for me and send her a copy. I sure hope that I'll have someone as fabulous as she was out there promoting my book alongside me. It's great to meet a cheerleader who spurs you on toward your goal.

Speaking of which, I need to go edit.

What are you doing this crisp fall weekend? Curling up with a good book and an electric blanket? Plugging in that movie marathon you've been looking forward to? Taking naps? I plan on doing all of the above.


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