NaNoWriMo Update #2

I updated last Wednesday with my progress on this year's NaNoWriMo 50k novel challenge. I figured I'd make that a tradition.

So how's it going, knee-deep in week two? Well...not nearly as well as it was last week. It seems that between several jobs, volunteer commitments, and life, my novel's gotten bunted to the back burner. And I hate that.

I have gotten a little bit of writing in, and I am halfway through editing my book, so that's a definite plus. But today's a day when I get off work at the college at 3 pm, so I'm definitely hoping to get several pages edited today.

In other news, I'm REALLY enjoying PRODIGY, much more so than LEGEND. Lu's storytelling craft has greatly improved as has her characterization. If I reach twenty-five followers this December for the raffle, the lucky winner is going to be very pleased.

Rose State College and Full Circle Bookstore both have their holiday parties coming up, and we've been gift wrapping and gift chatting up a storm. It's so fun knowing the holidays are so close. I'm happy to report I've pretty much finished my Christmas shopping already! I'm just waiting on one more package to arrive for my dad.

I'm heading home to KC (yeah, I still call KC home) next Tuesday to spend Thanksgiving with my folks. I'm super excited to see them and many of the friends I've left behind. So wish me good luck, safe travels, and mucho writing time.

How's your novel writing coming? Are you right on track? Or are you finding the onslaught of holidays as time-consuming as I am?


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