Reflections on Saturday's Social Media Workshop

This past Saturday (12/8/12), Sabrina A Fish (visit her blog here) and I presented a workshop at Oklahoma City University for authors who want to learn more about social media. We scheduled the workshop to run from 9-12, neither of us thinking that we'd actually go on that long.

But we did!

And the workshop was wonderful. We had two large tables full of eager authors. Even though the AV people from the university didn't set the projector up like we'd requested, we made it work. Sabrina and I each took a table and coached people through the basics of Facebook (profiles and pages), blogs (Google's own Blogger), and Twitter.

We were also lucky enough to have an emerging star in the social media world, Melanie Sokol (visit her blog here), there to help us out.

The overall point of the workshop was this:

1) If you're an author, you MUST be on social media.
2) The sites you HAVE TO be on:
     a. Twitter
     b. Facebook
     c. A blog site
3) You also need a PERSONAL WEBSITE
4)You must post CONSISTENTLY

and 5) Never, never, EVER give up. We're all in this together!

Happy social media-ing, people. Do you have any social media stories you'd like to share?We'd love to read them.


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