I Finished a New Adult Novel!

If you're an author or reader who writers/loves the Young Adult genre, I'm sure that by now you will have heard of the New Adult genre.

What is New Adult?

All the articles I've read basically sum it up as Young Adult with more sex, violence, and language. Harry Potter goes to college, basically.

If you follow me on Goodreads, you probably noted I recently started and finished reading my first ever New Adult novel. SLAMMED is by author Colleen Hoover.

Can I say I was a little disappointed? The back cover description talks about a student's affair with her teacher--but let me tell you, the affair never happens. And SPOILER ALERT, the main character and her love interest don't even have sex in this first volume (which is a series, apparently).

There was minimal language and violence. The only difference I noticed between this and a typical YA book was the fact that the main character doesn't start out at age 16 or 17. She's 18.

But is this small variance in age really enough to constitute a change in genre? I'm not thinking so. But before I put in my final vote on that topic, I plan on reading several more New Adult titles. Keep checking back for New Adult updates.

Have you read any New Adult novels? What do you think about this emerging genre? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Happy reading!


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