January 2013 Reading List

So I'm sick. Hooray! Got that awful bug that's going around. But the good news about being laid out for a few days is I've gotten caught up on some of my reading.

You probably saw that I've officially reviewed two YA books this month, and I also unofficially reviewed my reading experience of THE DARK HEROINE.

Those were the books I'm "supposed" to be reading this new year, but I've also gotten caught up on a few other books that I'm not reviewing. (Yes! I got to read purely for pleasure).

If you follow my Twitter, you probably saw all my posts about Chase Novak's new novel, BREED. A definite creep-fest and that best adult horror novel I've read in some time. Novak does a great job of balancing tension with the grotesque. I definitely give that one a great review.

I also finished THE NEWS FROM SPAIN. I picked up this collection of related short stories while perusing the shelves at Full Circle Books where I work. This book grabbed me right from the start, and I've been devouring it every chance I have some time to read something I want to read. THE NEWS FROM SPAIN had the same effect on me that OMENSETTER'S LUCK, SIDDHARTHA, and ETHAN FROME had. In other words, a life-changing work of fiction that I'll rave about until the day I die. Five stars from me, no question about it.

I also finished two YA novels that came out some time ago: Kristin Cashore's latest fantasy novel, BITTERBLUE, and T.M. Goeglein,'s debut novel, COLD FURY (You'll see an interview with him the first week in February. Yay!).

Cashore's novels continually diverge from one another. She shows an incredible fluidity in her writing style and story complexity. Complexity-wise, BITTERBLUE is a step up from both GRACELING and FIRE, but only FIRE hooked me and didn't let me go. I'd been reading BITTERBLUE for several months before I finally got around to finishing it.

Goeglein's novel, COLD FURY, was one of those fast reads that I zoomed through in record time. LOVED IT! Five stars. And I do believe I'll be reviewing FLICKER AND BURN, the second book about Sara Jane Rispoli on my blog, so stay tuned for updates about that.

So occasionally I get to break out of my YA book rut and read some other great stuff. I need to do more of that...There are so many books I want to read, but, alas, so little time.

Anywhoo, also on my reading plate are YA novels CREWEL and ROT AND RUIN (both of which I'm listening to the audiobooks), and I hope I'll finally get to finish J.K. Rowling's CASUAL VACANCY. I'll be reviewing the YA book DUALED in February.

Also in February, I'll be hosting my giveaway of INVISIBILITY (join my blog for a chance to win this fabulous book! We need thirty followers by the end of February to kick off this giveaway).

Keep pace with me on Goodreads to know exactly what I'm reading and when I finish what. Find me under the username EYWriterEditor.

As always I'm happy to review any books that readers throw at me, so tell me about your 2013 reading list and what you'd like to see reviewed.

Until next time!


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