The 77, 7, and 7 Blog Challenge

Fellow writer, Angela Archer, tagged me for a blog challenge! The Challenge is this: Go to page 77 of your book, count down 7 lines and then list the 7 lines that follow. Then pass the challenge on to another writer buddy.

Here are my lines from one of the first conversations my main character Doll has with her love interest in DEAD DOLL (paranormal YA):

Jayme spoke. “I actually do have my license.”
He let out his breath, lips vibrating as he blew a raspberry. “I got it the day I turned sixteen. I died exactly two years after that. Do you know what your folks do with your personal stuff when you die?”
“You died on your birthday?”
 “Yeah, and my folks built this sort of shrine for me in my old bedroom. I broke in one night and took my license and some other things. Living or dead, you can’t function in this world without an ID.”

I know, I know. I actually listed 9 lines, but I didn't want to leave off in the middle of a sentence.  :)

Now, to pass this on, I’m sending the challenge to Tamara Grantham. She's writing one of the best books I've had the pleasure of reading in a looong time.

Share your 7 lines with me! I'd love to read them.


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