Review of WHITE LINES by Jennifer Banash

Reading WHITE LINES helped me to blur my own set of lines in young adult book reviewing world. WHITE LINES by Jennifer Banash isn't a fantasy novel. It's the exact opposite. Banash takes a hard look at one teenager's reality in the 1980s. Learn more about Jennifer Banash and her book here.

Normally, this isn't the kind of book that I would pick up without knowing anything about it, but after I read the back cover, I couldn't wait to read it.

So what's WHITE LINES about? Are you curious what the cover looks like? Then read on, readers, read on.


 A gritty, atmospheric coming of age tale set in 1980s New York City.

Seventeen-year-old Cat is living every teenager’s dream: she has her own apartment on the Lower East Side and at night she’s club kid royalty, guarding the velvet rope at some of the hottest clubs in the city. The night with its crazy, frenetic, high-inducing energy—the pulsing beat of the music, the radiant, joyful people and those seductive white lines that can ease all pain—is when Cat truly lives. But her daytime, when real life occurs, is more nightmare than dream. Having spent years suffering her mother’s emotional and physical abuse, and abandoned by her father, Cat is terrified and alone—unable to connect to anyone or anything. But when someone comes along who makes her want to truly live, she’ll need to summon the courage to confront her demons and take control of a life already spinning dangerously out of control.

Both poignant and raw, White Lines is a gripping tale and the reader won’t want to look away.

Now you know what cover to look for in the bookstore and a little bit about what the book's about. But should you buy it?

I say YES! I give this book 5 out of 5 stars. 

Banash's writing style is clean--almost perfect. I never once tripped over a sentence or thought a page could have been shortened to a paragraph.

She writes in first person and not only is her first person viewpoint a convincing teenager's voice, but she's fun, likable, and even though she's going through a lot of tough stuff, she doesn't sit and wring her hands for 100 pages.

There's romance with a great guy, but not so much it overwhelms the story or becomes obsessive or unbelievable. The character has unique friends--some that you like, some that you don't like so much. But everyone has a sympathetic side. Sometimes you wonder who exactly is right and what path the main character should choose in the end.

The book deals with many gritty issues--child abuse, neglect, loss, death, drugs, sex, inappropriate relationships, and so much more. But it does so in a tactful, respectful way. This is a book that not only kids will like but so will parents, educators, and adult readers.

At a couple of points, I held my breath and almost cried. I smiled. I laughed. I rode the roller coaster ride with the main character and enjoyed every minute of it.

So get a copy! At any cost!

WHITE LINES will go on sale on April 4th of this year. And guess what? That's tomorrow!

Once you've read this great book, let me know your thoughts. And as always, if there's another book you'd like reviewed, leave a comment below. I'd be happy to add it to the list.

What's coming up next? NATURAL BORN ANGEL by Scott Speer.

I'll see you next week.


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