Project 365 and I Go to Philly

Life. Wow. You're really awesome right now. Thanks for letting me live you. Anyway, since I last posted, I've gotten settled into a cozy life in Connecticut with great people there. Just as I decided I might spend the rest of my year here alternating between downtown New London, the beach, my apartment's many amenities, and working at my fabulous host site, up out of nowhere came my Pre-Service Orientation.

So I'm in Philly now, hoping to see the Liberty Bell in moments of downtime.

Check out my pictures from this last week. I can't believe all the different opportunities/adventures I'm having, and I can't wait to share them with you.

 Day 22: The centerpiece for my kitchen table. I'd had my eye on this cake tray and cupcake set for months before it finally went on sale.

 Day 23: Surrounded by Chinese lanterns, by words, by the rain outside, I found home.

 Day 24: A shot I took from the New London pier, while waiting for the Caribbean festival to start up. Side note: I'm not a fan of Caribbean soups...

 Day 25: One of my neighbors and I went to the church service at The Salvation Army. I enjoyed the people there, but I found the service was too topical for my level of spirituality. I think I'll keep church shopping to find something that delves a little deeper. But I'm so glad for the Salvation Army's existence. I know it helps many people in many ways.

 Day 26: Waiting for the Amtrak to whisk me away from home to Philly.

 Day 27: SWIMMING! And wearing my first free AmeriCorps shirt! 

Life's good. 

I'll see you next week with further updates. Until then--and always--may peace and blessings go with you in your lives, wherever you may be.


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