Project 365--Second Update

So much has happened since the last time I posted. I apologize AGAIN for missing last week's post, but I'll make up for it by posting twice today.

First, I want to update on Project 365. I'm still going strong and had to pick and choose between the billion pictures I've taken since the cross-country road trip started.

To catch everybody up, I moved from Missouri to Connecticut to be sworn in as an AmeriCorps VISTA. The journey to that point has been fantastic so far. Here's the photo proof. ;)

 Day 10: The weather couldn't have been worse on the way out of Missouri.

 Day 11: Me and my awesome grandpa. He's in the middle of building a log cabin with his bare hands!

 Day 12: Our first sign of Niagara Falls!

 Day 13: And the Falls themselves. The most amazing sight so far in my life...

 Day 14: My apartment! They gave me balloons. And yes, we did suck the helium out of them...

 Day 15: Watching fireworks on Ocean Beach. It still hasn't sunk in that I can WALK to the beach whenever I want.

 Day 16: Times Square in NYC! My favorite store was Grand Slam.

 Day 17: My first train ride. I should have brought a book since it was dark out. Instead, I posed for pics. ;)

 Day 18: My fellow AmeriCorps VISTAs and I went to a combat training center where we zip-lined over 2000 feet, tight-rope walked, rope climbed, and orienteered. It was AWESOME and so are all the people I spent time with!

 Day 19: My apartment is starting to come together. You can see what's closest to my heart even though we're far apart.

 Day 20: Christening my apartment with my blood! My overly-concerned neighbor asked me if I have a cutting problem. No, I just have a problem with my screen door.

Day 21: I still don't have Wi-Fi, so I'm at Bean and Leaf at this very moment. I'll be back tomorrow for their poetry open mic night.


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