Project 365 Gets a REAL Job

Last week, I officially started work as an AmeriCorps VISTA at Three Rivers Community College. Since last Monday was Labor Day, this week will be my first full week on the job. And I have an actual task list and meetings to attend! It's Exciting!

But let me catch you up on everything that's happened in the meantime...

 Day 35: I've been decorating my cubicle! I need a plant (or 5).

 Day 36: Spending time with my penguin buddy (and a human buddy) after working out. Gotta get in the spirit for the Penguin Run this October! :)

Day 37: Starting the prototypes for our food pantry posters. And nomming gluten free cookies that my adopted mommy gave me.

Day 38: Waterfront Music Festival! Plus, I found bubbles, so it couldn't have been a better evening.

Day 39: I found the comic book store...However, no one had heard of SolForge, and they had no Pokemon merch, so I was a little disappointed.

Day 40: I officially have a name badge on the front of my office. VISTA (Volunteer in Service to America) Volunteer is a little redundant, but it's the thought that counts.

Day 41: The sun didn't come out till late in the day, which meant I felt a powerful urge to spend time outside after work. Here's where I went.

And so Project 365 and I head into the middle of our second month. Next up, my birthday (September 17th)!

I finished AS I LAY DYING and marveled at Faulkner's ability to give each one of his characters such a distinct voice. Cash and Jewel were my favorite characters--and what opposites they were. How about yours? 

My book club is reading THE MAGNIFICENT AMBERSONS next, which is number 100 on the Modern Library's list of best books, so that's checking off two classics on the list in a month. Not bad.

Another agent has requested my young adult manuscript, DEAD DOLL, so I've sent that to him and am waiting anxiously for feedback. I got in a poetical mood over the weekend and spent several hours writing by a combo of sun and candlelight. If you haven't done that recently, I highly recommend it. 

I've been writing/working/dancing/cleaning/etc. to everything Lana Del Ray and Celtic Women. YouTube, Pandora, and Spotify all have great selections on these artists if you're living at the poverty line like me and can't afford fresh produce, let alone .99 cent songs. 

But life's good. It's better than good. And I'll see you next Wednesday!


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