On Tuesday of this week, I crossed off the number one item on my bucket list. That was to see soprano superstar, Sarah Brightman, live. She was fabulous, even better in person than she is on video or CD, which is almost unbelievable. Now I have a new addition to my bucket list--meet her.

Day 50: My delicious strawberry birthday cake that my adopted family  made for me.

Day 51: Speaking to student government to drum up excitement for TRCC's food pantry.

Day 52: Coffee with Kyle. Look, he OD'ed!

Day 53: Enjoying a nice cup of hot chocolate in my Tinkerbell mug now that it's getting colder out.

Day 54: I want my rice to always arrive like this.

Day 55: Enjoying mac'n'cheese casserole. Tastes like home...

Day 56: SARAH BRIGHTMAN LIVE AT THE BUSHNELL! LIFE GOAL ACHIEVED! I would marry this woman in a half-second.

Day 57: Okay, I have a new addiction. Orange Is the New Black.

That's this week's Project 365 update. 

As for the reading front, I'm about halfway through WATERSHIP DOWN, which isn't going how I expected at all (I love that.), and I can't think of rodents the same way ever, ever, ever again. 

Orange Is the New Black is THE show of the season, if you ask me. And thanks to a date's suggestion, I've been listening to more Grateful Dead, with a different ear. 

What's going on in your life? 


  1. ... getting ready for a poetry reading and a writing retreat, teaching classes, feeling frenetic, but chocolate always helps. I look forward to reading more about your volunteer work, and next time you post, could you find a way to shoot some of that cold weather our way?

  2. That's fabulous, Maria! I'm not surprised you're staying busy. The weather has been alternating between the 80's and the 50's this past week. I don't know if you'd really like me to shoot it your way after all. :) Hugs from CT.


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