Project 365 Takes a Trampoline Park Trip

I haven't done front handsprings in a very long time, like, in more than ten years. But a date and I went to a trampoline park this last weekend where I indulged my gymnastics side. Fun at the time, but my shoulders are still a little tight. The rest of the week was fun, too. So read on!

Day 64: My students bring me presents. One brought me Cow Tails, a treat I hadn't had in years.

Day 65: People have donated lots of samples and brochures to the food pantry, so my staff and I are including those in the bags. Who wouldn't want a free cell phone?

Day 66: My fellow VISTAs and I  had our monthly training at the beautiful Mitchell College campus. Right behind this building is the beach!

 Day 67: Super fun day at the trampoline park!!!!!

Day 68: On Sunday, my Navy pal, Ward, and I went to Olio (super fancy place...whoops) and had the world's best-tasting cuisine, including this waffle-battered peanut butter, strawberry jam, and banana sandwich for dessert.

Day 69: We have a new exhibit up in the TRCC gallery. This was my favorite painting.

Day 70: Fall is here, and it's breathtaking.

In other news, Pokemon X and Y come out in THREE DAYS!!!!!!!! Guess what I'll be doing for the next two months...

I found the novel version of ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK, so I'm reading both it and WATERSHIP DOWN. Has anyone seen the '70s version of Watership Down? I'm planning on renting it, and so far, I've heard it's bloody, even though it's a cartoon. 

I'm obsessed with Spotify's Chillout playlists and plug those in when things get hectic at work. I've been listening to The 69 Eyes (a throwback) and Limitless while training for my 5k. And on that front, I had my best run in about 2 years two days ago, so I'm thrilled that all my hard work is paying off. 

I submitted my manuscript to one of my top agent choices yesterday, so keep your fingers crossed for me. I, personally, think we'd be a perfect match.

See you next week!


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