Project 365 Tours a Naval Submarine (and eats really good pizza)

Another week come and gone in Connecticut. I wrote poetry about New England's fiery fall before Skyping with good friends last night. I'm really looking forward to cold nights curled up with candles and hot cocoa. In the meantime, however...

 Day 58: After the roadside clean-up, we got Chinese food. And Kayla got more fortunes than she bargained 4 (for).

 Day 59: In rearranging my studio, I decided I needed more storage space. Look, I'm handy!

 Day 60: My studio has a new nook. Been spending a lot of time lounging here...

 Day 61: I went to the naval museum in Groton. AND I got a tour on an active military submarine--I'm one of few women who will ever get to stand on one.

Day 62: The second date was great. We had pizza and garlic knots, and I got a plethora of CD's, including one of Sarah Brightman's classic opera songs. That's the way to my heart. 

Day 63: The TRCC VISTA mug has been handed down to me. I'm super, duper official now. :)

On other fronts, I outlined my personal and professional goals for the month of October. The food pantry is open, and I'm visiting a friend from high school in Maryland in a few weeks. So I'm busy, and I have much to look forward to.

The writing and editing are both going well. I find that one enhances the other (like eggs and a little garlic powder).

I'm listening to Elephant King and Dune, two CD's different from my usual tastes--classical guitar style. I'm also enjoying Moby's newest release--Innocents. 

I'm more than halfway through WATERSHIP DOWN and wondering what I'll read next off the Modern Library's list. Not looking forward to tackling ULYSSES...


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