Project 365 Catches Up

These last two week of the semester have been the busiest since I started working. As such, this post will be really long. I hope you enjoy the pictures!

Day 105: One of my Spotify playlists.

Day 106: One of my students imitating a supervisor. They always know how to make me laugh!

 Day 107: Admiring more great artwork. I wish I could share a picture of each piece from the gallery.

Day 108: The Emily Dickinson house in in MA. What a beautiful place.

Day 109: Some of the best pizza in New London.

 Day 110: Enjoying a tapas bar for the first time.

 Day 111: New winter clothes!

Day 112: Mac'n'cheese pizza. NOTHING BETTER IN THE WORLD.

 Day 113: Okay, maybe hot chocolate/coffee with fresh cinnamon is better than pizza...

 Day 114: Did you know tonic water glows under black lights?

 Day 115: Shopping for TRCC's Thanksgiving dinners. We filled up the whole truck. 

 Day 116: Artichoke and quinoa. So delish...

 Day 117: Starting prep for TRCC's Thanksgiving dinner pick-up. 

Day 118: We at TRCC served over 40 families complete Thanksgiving dinners this year!

 Day 119: In this picture, I may be the happiest I've ever been.

And that's it for this Project 365 post! Happy Thanksgiving to everybody. I'll see you next week!


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