Project 365 Celebrates Thanksgiving with Big Guns

This past week, I got to celebrate Thanksgiving with new family in a new state. I also got to take some much needed time to relax--and completely rearrange my apartment. I went Christmas tree shopping and set up a beautiful tree as well. Since it's now December, I've been obsessively listening to Christmas music, watching Christmas movies, buying Christmas presents, etc. I should mention, I love this holiday, so be forewarned!

Here are the latest pictures!

Day 120: After a crazy week of Thanksgiving dinner distributions through the food pantry, I'm kicking my feet up.

 Day 121: This is how my adopted family celebrates Thanksgiving in CT. 

 Day 122: Thanksgiving Day Two, this time at my apartment building. By the way, those mashed potatoes were the best I have ever had in my life...

 Day 123: I gave C-kins Pokemon X as an early Christmas present. I don't think she's stopped playing yet. Other items of note: 1. The delicious hot chocolate/coffee mix on the end table. 2. Men in Black and Ghostbusters on the TV.

 Day 124: Christmas tree shopping! Aren't we the cutest best friends?

Day 125: The Christmas tree in all its glory. If you see the red string behind our heads, that's the ornament of Clarence the cat as a kitten.

Day 126: Nope. I didn't get fired. I'm getting an office upgrade! 

Day 127: The view from my new office. Pretty spiffy, if I do say so myself...

In other news, I'm hooked on My Little Pony. I had this memory of Pinkie Pie being incredibly irritating, so when a friend told me I reminded her of Pinkie, I was insulted. However, upon watching the show, I agree with her--random, crazy-haired, constantly excited, amused by anything. Yep, I'm Pinkie Pie. I also got to see the Day of the Doctor special. I'm so excited for the next season of Doctor Who to come out.

I'm still waiting to see Catching Fire, so please, no spoilers!

I came up with a story idea that I'm pretty hooked on. Now, for the time to write it. Thankfully work has settled down, and I should have my mornings free to write again. 

See you next week!


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