Project 365 Goes to the Aquarium, Etc.

 I finished my goal of reading fifty books this month. I made it to Mystic Aquarium. I saw Catching Fire. I threw a great party with my even greater boyfriend. It's been a good week and a half. And tomorrow I fly home to Kansas City to see friends and family! This really is the best time of year.

Day 137: I always cry when I read THE GIVER. A lot...

Day 138: Waiting to see Catching Fire...

 Day 139: I threw a party. Check out the homemade spread!

 Day 140: My new best friend--a talking Beluga Whale. 

 Day 141: My supervisor got me a Christmas present. She's so sweet.


Day 143: Beautiful frogs at the Hygienic Art Gallery display.

Day 144: The rest of the Christmas presents I ordered for folks arrived!

Day 145: Me with my new work buddy. Thanks, Jessie. :)

See everyone next week. Happy holidays, one and all!


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