New Year's Resolutions? What about Last Year's Reflections?

Making (and breaking) New Year's Resolutions are always a big deal this time of year. I've listened to several friends remark how they've already "ruined" 2014 because they haven't kept to their resolutions. I admit it; I haven't kept up with all of mine, as well. It's been a busy and wonderful last few days. Sometimes I don't have time to do it all.

I'd like to take a moment to reflect on everything that I accomplished in 2013. I encourage everyone else to take a break from beating themselves up over "failed" resolutions and do the same. :)

1) I joined AmeriCorps and moved to Connecticut.
2) I applied to graduate schools to pursue my life's calling--a career in higher education administration. (Really, it was a DUH moment when I figured that one out.)
3) I exited an abusive relationship, learned from it, and moved on.
4) I visited many places, including San Diego where I saw family, Arkansas where I visited friends, Niagara Falls where I saw the single-most beautiful sight so far in my life, and Hawaii where I spoke at a writer's conference.
5) I completed my challenge on Goodreads to read 50 books.
6) I started Project 365 (where I take a daily picture of my life), and I am more than 150 days into it.
7) I worked more on my back piece, completing the tat that represents my father.
8) I took a vow of poverty.
9) I met Rylan and Kerrington--two beautiful children who light up my life.
10) I learned a lot more about cooking, baking, sewing, car maintenance, home repair,  and relationships--you know, all those things you go over in home economics in 7th grade and then promptly forget. ;)
11) I won a regional award for my poetry and published many more pieces.
12) I finished my first book of poetry.
13) I recaptured my voice and my interest in my writing after losing it.
14) I beat several Pokemon games. (Hey, that's super important!)
15) I worked a bunch on my bucket list--both adding to it and checking things off.
16) I completed the 25cK trainer (a running app).
17) I turned down a high-paying position with Macmillan in order to fill my soul with more meaningful work.
18) I lost my grandmother and realized just how important my time with my grandfather is now.
19) I decorated a new home.
20) I gained wonderful new friends, rekindled friendships with the old, and couldn't be happier about my future or more content with my past.

So, yeah, I might not keep all of my resolutions. Let's be honest. Who does? But I can reflect on last year and see how far I've come. It isn't just about the daily grind. It's how all those days add up in the end.

Don't beat yourself up if this year isn't yet what you want it to be. Think about what you did last year. Then, please, share with me!


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