Project 365 Parties and Paints

 It's been another great but cold week in Connecticut. While we've had snow here, it's warm inside and in our hearts. I hope you enjoy this week's pictures.

Day 171: My friend and I went to Panera. It was my first time going since I moved to CT. Yum!

Day 172: I wanted a seashore painting, so I made one myself.

 Day 173: I painted my toenails!

 Day 174: I put a Buddha beeswax candle in my zen garden.

Day 175: A poop pencil. I have the world's best godparents. 

Day 176: I downloaded the demo version of Bravely Default, which is a great, new RPG premiering in a month's time. 

 Day 177: Party night! Aren't we all cute? 

Day 178: I painted a piece to go over my kitchen sink. That empty spot has been bugging me since I moved in. Finally, I took care of it.

I'll see you next week!


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