Project 365 Hopes This is the Last Snowstorm...

Happy Valentine's Day to all the lovebirds and lone wolves! I'm celebrating with an after hours meeting at work...I guess at this point in my life, I am kind of married to my career path.

Please, enjoy this past week's pictures!

Day 199: I'm so proud! I completed the Pokedex on Y version, which had a total of 718 Pokemon.

Day 200: Sweets from sweet Jessie on perhaps the worst day of my year in CT so far. I'm so lucky to have the friends here that I do.

Day 201: Don't hate. I love prunes.

Day 202: Seriously????? Not again!!!!!

Day 203: The beautiful coffee counter Lara and I set up in our office. No wonder everybody wants to hang out in here!

Day 204: I finally have my work email on my laptop! It's taken half the school year to make it happen, but that's okay.

Day 205: Again. Seriously.

I can't believe I'm more than 200 days into my year in AmeriCorps...It seems unreal. As I reflect back on my months in CT, I can see how much I've grown as an individual, as a friend, and as a family member. I came here unsure of what my next steps in life would be. Now my life feels like its found the track it's always been meant to take. 

XOXOXO to everyone who's supported my journey. See you all next week!


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