Project 365 Interviews for Grad School

I'm back from my trip to Indy. I felt like the interviews for grad school when well, but we'll know soon how good my gut is...In the meantime, please pray for me, send me good karma, and do whatever you do for those awaiting big news.

I got to see family as well. If I move to Indy, I'll be able to see them more often than ever! If the school wasn't reason enough to move, that sure is.

Enjoy this past week's pictures!

Day 213: The causes corner in my office.

Day 214: Enjoying dinner with my family. Look at how blond they are. I'm a little jelly...

Day 215: The triplets reunite: Erin, Tiph, and Tam.

Day 216: More family and more Mexican! Plus Oliver wine.

 Day 217: Not sure what you can recycle? Check this out!

Day 218: Two pounds away from my target goal. 

Day 219: This is the most amazing tea I've ever had in my life--Korean nut, adlay tea. I can't wait to get more.

Next week, I'll know whether or not I got into my dream grad school...and if not, we'll start on plan B. See you all then!


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