Project 365 Meets the Mayor

With the college back in session and CTCC activities in full swing, I've been so busy I've hardly breathed, let alone made a Project 365 post. HOWEVER, I haven't failed in my task. I have been taking my daily pictures. Please, enjoy without further ado.

Day 179: Playing Pokemon with two of my bestest buds. Go, stylus!!

Day 180: Halfway through the year, I get my business cards. Better late than never.

Day 181: The snow just won't stop...

Day 182: I drew a picture for my office mate. It's Cinderella turning into a pumpkin. :)

Day 183: My favorite thing about CT? Snow on the beach. 

Day 184: Did you know that every time you eat at Firehouse Subs, they donate proceeds to firefighters? They do. So eat there.

Day 185: Enjoying live music at the Crocker House. 

Day 186: So...I can't take credit for taking this picture. Joe sent it to me, but I can't think of a better way to describe his relationship with Clarence. My two best buddies are PRECIOUS!

Day 187: It's puzzle time! Mine are piling up around the apartment, so it was time to buzz through one (500 pieces).

Day 188: My wall of love has grown. Thanks so much to everyone who's sent me something since I moved. I love you all.

Day 189: One of our new campus projects for this year. I can't wait to publish it and try all the recipes!

Day 190: Painting again? Yes, I'm guilty. I love experimenting with different color palettes. 

Day 191: Just wait until you see the next pic...Then, you might understand my problem.

Day 192: I LOVE POKEMON!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, you do see 4 DS's going at once, plus my computer. GUILTY AS CHARGED!!!!!!!!!!

Day 193: This has been the week for snow days. I've gotten some great pictures out of it.

Day 194: We're collecting food for V-Day on campus. So far, we've gotten lots of yummies.

Day 195: Why, yes, that IS me with New London's mayor. I stood in his office, shook his hand, and EVERYTHING. Life. Is. Awesome.

Day 196: Even the trees are being buried alive by snow!

Day 197: How many campuses have a food pantry for their students? I'm proud to run Three Rivers Community College's. 

Day 198: It's me! In my writing chair! Hi. :)

Thanks for reading. See you next time (when we break into day 200).


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