Project 365 Goes from New London to New Britain

Post is late, per usual. Maybe I should just change the day I say I upload these pictures. Anyway, it's been a wild week with work in full swing again and my grad school interview in two days.

Please enjoy this week's shots!

Day 206: To my Valentine, Tamarah. I'm always missing you. 

Day 207: You know how things can go from bad to worse? Well, sewage all over my bathroom floor last Saturday night...

Day 208: In New Britain at the Museum of American Art with the beautiful, kind, and intelligent Jenn.

Day 209: Eating perogies at an authentic Polish restaurant. I licked my plate clean.

Day 210: Me with my gym buddy! Love this woman!

 Day 211: Yes, my protein bar is upside down. I'm feeling a bit too busy to fix it. But, um, buy these. They're superfood. 

Day 212: My resumes for the grad school interviews. Wish me luck! 

That wraps up this week! See you all next time!


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