Project 365 Celebrates Dr. Seuss's Birthday

Now that I'm so far into Project 365, I can't imagine my life without documenting it through photography. For anyone who's looking to take on a monumental project, I highly suggest this one. It will change the way you look at your life. I know I treasure each day more than ever before.

Enjoy this week's pictures!

Day 227: It's been a couple of months since I last bled all over my apartment. I had to remedy that, natch. ;)

Day 228: My parents give me hope that soulmates do exist. <3

Day 229: I'm obsessed with the card game Ascension. 9 out of 10 times I win, but this was a pretty epic score.

Day 230: Celebrating Dr. Seuss's birthday! We had over 200 people in attendance. 

Day 231: The weather warmed up enough for me to put on short sleeves. I'm one happy girl.

Day 232: I finished my painting. It's dedicated to all the beautiful, dark-haired women out there. Thank you for inspiring me.

Day 233: And here's Kimberly, one of my inspiring, dark-haired beauties now. (I guessed her favorite wine on the first try.)

And that's it for this week's photos. I'm super excited for next week's post. After all, I'll be celebrating St. Patty's Day (my half-birthday) and welcoming my mommy to my home in CT. 

See you then!


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