Project 365 Takes on the Penguin Plunge

My mom went home a few days back, and I'm missing her like crazy. However, things haven't slowed down a bit. My exciting news for this past week--I took on the Penguin Plunge and kicked its butt!

For those of you who don't know, that means I ran into an ice-covered lake for a great cause, Special Olympics CT. Yes, you can call me crazy. But before you do, check out this past week's pictures.

Day 242: I'm sexy, and I know it. ;)

Day 243: I'm crazy, and I know it.

Day 244: Momma and I were both sad about her leaving, so we painted her nails to look like a party.

Day 245: Missing my mom, so I holed up and played Ascension. I got really good after playing it for four or so hours. 

Day 246: Check out all the fresh produce, bread, and candy we got in for the food pantry's spring drive! I couldn't be more excited!

Day 247: I gave my amazing office mate the painting I promised her. She noticed the Chinese styling mixed with the acrylics right away, just like I knew she would.

Day 248: So I never noticed the fire station in my town is named Niagara. Thought this was pretty cool.

Day 249: Tori and me after too much sangria. We are super cuties.

And that sums up this past week. Can't wait to post more pictures next time. See you then!


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