Project 365 Waits for Spring

Will winter ever end? I'm so ready for the cold to decide it's done with us. Next week, my mom comes into town though, which will make all the flowers bloom. Until then, I'm muddling through. Check out this week's pics.

Day 220: I finally understand why people like drinking. This tastes like candy.

 Day 221: Kiona interviewed me about the food pantry today. 

Day 222: I only need pizza to survive.

Day 223: My favorite part of our gym regimen.

 Day 224: Taking Lyci out to dinner. I'm pretty sure she's the sexiest woman on the face of the planet.

Day 225: It's cold, and I'm refusing to get out of bed. 

Day 226: My one true love. Hmm, maybe I don't need pizza after all.

With good days come the bad ones (and the cold ones). I am wait listed for grad school. Definitely not the news I was hoping to hear. But I'm choosing to look at this as an opportunity to explore my life. Do you know how many things I want to do? SO many! And now I have the chance to pursue them all. 

Thanks for keeping up with my blog! See you next week. 


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