Project 365 Welcomes Mom to CT

By far, this has been one of the best week's I've spent in CT. FINALLY, my mom got to come see my home, and since she's been here, we've had nonstop fun. Enjoy the pictures!

 Day 234: Dinner with Joe who'd just gotten his wisdom teeth pulled. No fun! But Chinese food makes everything better (except when your mouth hits the wrong part of the Crab Rangoon).

 Day 235: Playing dress up with Jenn and Mel. I can't wait until my hair is longer!

 Day 236: Coffee with Tori. In celebration of St. Patty's Day, they gave me a 4-leaf clover.

 Day 237: Pretty sure the good luck coffee from yesterday paid off. Look who got her birthday present (and even luckier, look who I got to hold close). 

 Day 238: Picking Mommy up from Providence! LOVE THIS WOMAN!

 Day 239: Selfie before I took my mom to work and introduced her to lots of people there. 

 Day 240: Moo cat! <3

Day 241: Inside the Herb House at Logee's, which you have to see to believe. This was my favorite part of the huge arboretum.

And that finishes up this past week! Expect more mommy/daughter shots next time. I'm trying to convince my mom to quit her job and stay up here. But all good things come to those who wait. One day we'll have houses close together. 

See you next week!


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