Project 365 Makes Up for Lost Time

A couple weeks ago, my mom went back home to KC, bringing hugs and kisses back to all our loved ones there. Since then, my days started off bland enough, then they led up to me banging my head. Of course. Maybe clumsy should have been my middle name. Anyway, that's my excuse for posting so late.

Without any further ado, please enjoy the pictures!

 Day 250: Our spring food drive at the college has been super successful. So far we've taken in several hundred items, including fresh produce and bread for our students. 

Day 251: My feet got cold.

Day 252: Bored on a Sunday. But note, I'm in one of my summer hoodies! It's finally starting to warm up.

Day 253: It was Transgender Awareness Day at the campus, so I decked myself out in buttons to show my support of my students.

Day 254: I'm in a formal dress. Don't get used to seeing this.

Day 255: Spring is sprung!

Day 256: Enjoying the view of the sound at Water's Edge.

Day 257: And more ocean!

Day 258: Going to this cheese shop reminded me of Better Cheddar back in KC. Good times.

Day 259: Pre-concussion, I got to see this. Probably the best sight I've seen in a long while. 

Day 260: My head is broken. 

Day 261: Matilda keeping watch over me, while I sleep.

Day 262: My girl brought me lunch in bed. 

Day 263: Oh, the things that get done to me while I'm sleeping off my concussion. Pigtails, really!? And the guilty party hiding her face...

Day 264: I'm feeling SO much better. I finally got to venture outside and enjoy the beautiful weather.

So there's the fun update in my world. And I hope you'll pardon me, but I'm going back to bed. The worst part about hitting your head--the utter exhaustion that lingers on.


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