Project 365 Says Goodbye

This week has been sad. One of the students I assist at Three Rivers Community College died suddenly from heart failure. He leaves behind his beautiful wife, Alexis. I also said goodbye to my girlfriend who flew to California to visit family. She'll be back in a few weeks, but letting her go wasn't easy.

Since I hit my head, I've been very inspired to write. So some good came out of my accident! Now that I'm okay with escaping from "real life" for a little while, I have the perfect opportunity to crank out new pages and edits. In two days, I've edited and written about 10K. We'll see how much I can do this spring.

But without further ado, please enjoy this last week's pictures.

Day 272: Students came by and invited me to this Women's Appreciation Dinner for the work I do on campus. They made my day.

Day 273: I tried pickled herring in wine sauce because I will eat anything. And guess what! It was delicious.

Day 274: Eating leftovers from Easter dinner with one of my adopted families. Yummy.

Day 275: We watched Monsters U. I was disappointed by the sequel. The first movie was SO good, this one just didn't do it justice.

Day 276: Sound asleep with my guard dog and Lyci's stuffed bears to keep me company.

Day 277: Don't be fooled by our smiles. We're actually really sad. I hated saying goodbye to my girl.

Day 278: It's spring! It's spring! It's finally here!

And that's this week's update. See you next time. Fair warning, my pictures might be boring ones of my computer screen. After all, I'm writing/editing/reading like a maniac.


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