Project 356 Loves Spring

The past few weeks have flown by. This week has been no different. Spring is in full bloom here, and really, there's no color quite like that lovely budding green. I think it may be my favorite.

In news, I've had several poems accepted for publication and received an amazing email from an editor I've worked with twice now. I'd like to share it with you:

"P.S. Erin we were so happy to see your submissions. We have heard so many wonderful things from Vol. I and are exited to share your work in Vol. II. We have such a loyal base of writers that submitted in Vol. I and also in Vol. II that we are making a dedication to those writers (this includes you) and were hoping that we could get a short statement from you about this anthology to be printed.

P.S.S. We never have asked for more submissions three times except from you in Vol. I and now again for Vol. II. If you would like to submit anything else please feel free to harass us."

Also, I've had two interviews this week with a college I'm very interested in working at. I think I have a strong chance, but I haven't heard one way or the other yet. Keep me in your thoughts and prayers. 

Here are this week's pictures!

Day 279: This Monday, the pantry was the emptiest I've seen it. I put out a desperate call for donations, as we served about 75 students in a single month!

Day 280: Spring is finally here! Look at the beautiful daffodils and the sparkling ocean beyond. Yes, I'm lucky to live here.

 Day 281: We named our food pantry and created a logo! 

Day 282: A faculty member and friend of mine on campus showed me this amazing project that one of her students completed. I love our students' creativity and enthusiasm. 

Day 283: Look at how well our campus and community responded to the food pantry's needs. By the end of the week, I'd taken in a couple hundred items. We're committed to ending hunger at Three Rivers Community College!

Day 284: My girlfriend gave me this pendant before I left, so I made a necklace out of it. 

Day 285: When you drive around with no real destination in mind, it's amazing the things you come across--Cinderella Road, and practically in my backyard!

This weekend, a lot of my Midwest friends are together at the annual OWFI (Oklahoma Writers Federation, Inc.) conference. Last year at this time, I lived in OK, spent some time as webmaster for the organization, and won several regional awards. I miss you all and wish you the best time EVER. could it be the best time without me? 

Only half-joking!

I'll see you all next week. :)


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