Project 365 and Mother's Day

It seems like just yesterday this semester started. Now I'm saying goodbye to all my students in a week. How did the time go by so quickly? 

This week has been full of wonderful news. I accepted the position at Mitchell College that I interviewed for last week. I also applied to a graduate certificate program for Student Affairs and Development awhile back, and I'm happy to report I got in! I received the 2014 Humanitarian Award for my contributions to Three Rivers Community College. And, oh, I think there was another poem published in there as well. Whew!

But enough about all that. Here are this past week's pictures:

Day 286: First bonfire of the season! I forgot how good wood smells. 

Day 287: My students are going to miss me...but not as much as I'll miss them.

Day 288: Meet Shadow. She's all black, 8 years old, and hopefully, she'll be all mine in the next couple of months. She certainly picked me as her hoooman. 

Day 289: Here I am with my Humanitarian Award. I was still kind of in shock when this picture was taken. In fact, it still hasn't sunk in. I'm so honored.

Day 290: Buying mint for Mother's Day. Nothing says I love you like a plant that'll grow forever.

Day 291: Happy Mother's Day to my girlfriend's beautiful mommy! Matilda, Sheila, and I will be so glad when you're back from Cali, Lyci. We love you!

Day 292: Happy Mother's Day to the world's bestestestest momma. I miss you so much! Wish you were here to celebrate with me...

In other news, I'm trying to schedule a trip to my hometown sometime this summer--before I transition jobs. If you'd told me a year ago I'd still be in Connecticut come August 2014, I would have laughed. But now, I'm happy to be spending another year here. 

Also, to commemorate my commitment to Project 365, I'm going to be making a collage blanket with the highlights from my first year in AmeriCorps and Connecticut. I'm looking forward to picking out the special pictures that show how I've grown. 

This summer, you can also look forward to 3 book reviews and 3 authors interviews from me! Keep checking back for more information on what those will be...

See you next week!


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