Project 365 Lets Grandma Go

I spent much of the last week with my family, as my grandmother passed away just after Mother's Day. We lost my other grandmother a little over one year ago on St. Patrick's Day. Spring is a time of renewal, but also a time of loss for us. So here are the pictures updating from when I last posted.

Day 293: I flew out of town for the funeral and broke my track record. I hadn't eaten McDonald's in years, but I didn't have any other options between my connection to KC.

Day 294: My mom came out of the bathroom and found me like this. I'm her little monkey!

Day 295: I ate White Castle. It wasn't as good as I remembered.

Day 296: We took this picture many years ago. My grandmother who just passed away is the middle girl on the right. I'm the middle girl on the left. Are we related? I think so.

Day 297: My grandmother's beautiful funeral. She was surrounded by friends, family, and beautiful flowers. 

Day 298: Me with two of my crazy cousins! See, I'm not the only one of my kind. 

Day 299: My grandfather loves to build in the woods. Here's one of his lean-to's. He's storing some of the wood for the log cabin that he's building with his hands.

Day 300: HUGE BONFIRE with my cousins!

Day 301: Me with my parents. I love my best friends so much!

Day 302: My camera on my phone takes pretty good pictures.

Day 303: I would like you to read this. I believe this article that was in my grandmother's Bible describes her loving personality perfectly. 

Day 304: Some of my mother's flowers. I love her gardening.

Day 305: One way to deal with grief is to distract yourself. I've been enjoying Golden Sun a lot lately. One of the best video games ever.

Day 306: An assortment of foreign fun--some from my beautiful girlfriend, the rest from an exchange student I work with who's from Germany. 

And that's it for this update. See you next time!


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