Project 365 Finds a Bit of KC in CT

This past week, one of my best friends from Kansas City came to Connecticut. It was so good to have a bit of home all the way out here. I also went to New York for an AmeriCorps retreat.

Enjoy the pictures!

Day 321: The dorm room we stayed in at the AmeriCorps retreat in New York.

Day 322: Enjoying a special breakfast at the retreat.

Day 323: On our way back from our service project, we were pulled over by a cop. Our driver got a ticket. Thankfully we were able to laugh about it.

Day 324: One of my fav foods right here. Yum.

Day 325: Enjoying Chaplin, CT, a very different world from my beach side town of residence.

Day 326: Hunting water lilies! 

Day 327: Eating breakfast with Seth! Easily the best part of the week.

See you all next week!


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