I can't believe it! Today is the day my very first book, THE LIGHT YOU CANNOT TOUCH, is released. I've been writing for as long as I can remember and publishing since I was 14. But today marks a milestone that I've striven for years and years to reach.

Someone thought my work had enough merit that they accepted a compilation of it and published it.

THE LIGHT YOU CANNOT TOUCH (#tlyct) is 60 pages of poetry that begs the question...Wouldn't it be nice if all tragedies became love stories? Read #tlyct, and follow that journey, that wishful thinking.

Oh, and buy a copy to support this starving artist, would ya? It'll make a great Christmas present! Click on the book to make the purchase. (I'm sending you to Create Space instead of Amazon because I get more royalties. Hey, no shame in my game.)

The Kindle edition of the book is also available here.

Keep checking back for more information about book signings, readings, and more. And to all of you who've stood by me through my incredibly long, winding road, I love you more than words can ever describe. That's right! Even MY words won't do you justice. ;)

On a side note, the first segment of my young adult novel, DEAD DOLL, is up on Germ Magazine. Please go read it, so they'll publish more!

See you next time, readers, writers, and lovers.


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