Spotlight Tour--Guest Blog by Linda Joyce (Author of BAYOU BECKONS)

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I'm happy to report that the Spotlight Author Tour continues this Saturday with guest blogger Linda Joyce whose book BAYOU BECKONS (the third in the Fleur De Lis trilogy) just came out on June 3rd, 2015.

Linda, a dear friend of mine, prepared this wonderful and brilliant post specially for the readers of this blog and fans of romance. I dare you not to buy her trilogy after what you read today.

Thank you, my friend, and without further ado...


Left Brain? Right Brain? Make an Apple Pie! Then follow the call: BAYOU BECKONS.

Does apple pie correlate to left-brain or right-brain dominate? I think so. I’ll lay out premise for you to decide; however, you’ll actually have to do some work. Quiz Time! I hope you’ll share your results.

Learning style and brain dominance are a science. Frankly, when doing research for this topic, reading very clinical papers made my head hurt. In simplest terms, I learned the difference in the power of the left and right brain has to do with how we process information.

All of us have two sides to our brain. The left side takes in information in a logical and sequential order and houses our language skills. For intuitive and random information processing, the right side steps up. If we process with only one side of our brain, we will get lost in the world.

Communication between people with different brain dominance can be tricky. For example, when purchasing a dress with my husband along, I’ll ask his opinion. Then, I’ll rebut his “looks fine to me” comment. He doesn’t appreciate the nuances of my airy-fairy descriptions about why the dress doesn’t work for me. To him, the comment requires ‘yes or no.’ Which demonstrates husband and I process information differently. We make decision using different sides of our brains.

So battle lines are now drawn between the left and the right…I’m still talking about the brain here—not the political scene. However, to get the most out of life, seeking balance between our brains allows us to broaden our learning, thus life experience.

This is where the apple pie comes in. Baking is said to be an art. How the pie looks with a braided or scalloped edge enhances the visual appeal of the dessert. It’s said we eat first with our eyes—and when the pie is pulled from the oven all golden brown and steaming with aromas of apples and cinnamon, my eyes get big and my tummy shouts, “Yum!”

However, to reach that mouth-watering experience, we begin with the left brain—logical and sequential ordering. Baking, more so than other type of cooking, requires precision measuring. Too much flour or too much fat and the crust isn’t flakey. Too much brown sugar and cinnamon masks the apple flavor. Accurate handling of the ingredients is needed to have a tummy-satisfying experience.  

My point: To be your best, no matter what you do—writer, poet, accountant, or physicist—learning to strengthen the less dominate side of your brain will enable you to have a fuller life experience. However, before undertaking a cure to have whole brain usage, you have to know which you are—Left or Right Brain Dominate.

For those of you who don’t have time to bake a pie, I’m including two websites with quizzes to determine your dominance. The Left Brain Right Brain Quiz will score your brain-side use, showing what’s higher and lower. The second one is Left Brain Right Brain Quiz for Teens. Even though you may be past your adolescence, I think you may find the analysis paragraph when you’re finished very insightful.

Now, how does this fit with Bayou Beckons? It’s a story about a woman seeking redemption and the man who lassos her heart. But he’s very unforgiving about infidelity, which is the ugly secret from her past. Do they make apple pie? No, but you’ll experience food through their eyes. The one thing I hear over and over again about my stories: Your books make me hungry! I’m a foodie, and I incorporate the sensations of good food and eating into my books. So when the Bayou Beckons you, heed the call. Even if your brain is confused, your emotional stomach will bless you.


Linda Joyce is an award-winning author published in poetry, memoirs, and contemporary romance. Born in Biloxi, Mississippi, Linda’s southern root run deep. If you wander in New Orleans cemeteries, you’ll find many of her family buried there. Her grandfather captained the General John Newton and her grandmother retired from the New Orleans police department. Linda’s a foodie, a big fan of jazz and blues, and a dog lover. General Beauregard, Gentleman Jack, and Masterpiece Renoir are her constant canine companions. She now lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband and four-legged boys. Please visit her at

BAYOU BECKONS, book three of the Fleur de Lis series is her third novel with The Wild Rose Press. BAYOU BECKONS:

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Twitter: @LJWriter


  1. I am definitely right brain dominate. Took both quizzes, and both said right brain.

    Great blog post!!!

    1. Thank you for reading, Terry! Your feedback is great!

    2. Terry,
      I'm sure the test results are correct, however, I wouldn't mind testing it with you. Shall we make Apple Pie? Or maybe beignets?

  2. Erin,
    Thank you so much for hosting me. I hope readers click on all the links and have fun!

    1. It was my pleasure! I'm happy to host YOU anytime, my friend!


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