Let's Get Technical: Post 2

Since my last post about Midlands Technical College, we finished our week of training for orientation advising and have jumped into our sessions. During the day, we meet with somewhere between 3 and 8 students to discuss their first semester academic plan. Orientation and advising at MTC is required for all new students before they can enroll in classes. Sessions normally take between 10-15 minutes, though some can last much longer, and some fly by quickly. 

I've been able to meet with students of all age ranges, backgrounds, and majors. This is one huge draw to the community college field for me. No two days are the same, and no two students are the same. I may be working with a disabled veteran on a Monday, a straight-A 17-year-old on Thursday, and a middle-aged person switching careers on Friday. 

The diversity of the students and the crackle of energy in orientation brought me to a realization that made me stagger. 

As the orientation team, we may be a student's first impression of college. When we advise them on classes, we define the rest of their lives. Students trust our advice. They soak up our stories. We make or break them. 

I've known that I wanted to help individuals shape their lives into a better tomorrow. But I don't believe I realized the extent of my power until I started advising at MTC. This knowledge makes me want to work harder, to work better, to be better.

The pace at Midlands is incredibly quick and can be exhausting, especially for an introvert like me. However, I'm thankful for the opportunity to MTC to practice my skills, to work alongside an amazing team, and to hopefully make a difference for a better tomorrow in our community. 


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