Let's Get Technical: Post 10

For my last blog post for my summer internship, I would like to share a few memories and stories that have stayed with me. They may be snippets, instead of fully formed stories, but that is the way that memories often shape up.

1) During training, we threw a gigantic ball of yarn to each other, appreciating one another. I don't remember the color of the ball of yarn, but I remember how many smiles there were and how much appreciation there was between the professional staff, the student staff, and the interns.

2) The Northeast MTC campus was absolutely stunning. I loved the gazebos, the space-age technology and furniture, and the plush chairs in the boardroom we advised in. I could feel the air in the campus change. There was so much pride at advising in a place like that campus. It amazed me how much location can change attitudes. (There was also free coffee.)

3) Outside of work, a bunch of the student staff and interns went to dinner and to see The Secret Life of Pets. We had so much fun getting to know one another better, laughing at the movie, bonding. That was one of my favorite experiences of the summer.

4) I've had some incredibly special experiences with students. One student told me that she'd moved from Virginia for a fresh start. I could see a story unfolding in her eyes. Unfortunately, I didn't have the time to hear all of it. I remember another student telling me his dreams to work in film in L.A. and about the contacts he already had there. I had many students come through with excellent grades from high school who wanted to save money by attending a two-year college. Many students knew exactly what they wanted to do with their lives and knew that their goals could be achieved through a community college--saving them time and money. I met with a student who wanted to pursue English and reminded me of myself when I was first headed into college. The stories and memories are endless, and even long after their faces may have faded, I know I'll still see the smiles.

5) My favorite memories of all are of spending moments sharing one-on-one conversations with different staff, student, and interns. As an introvert, I love one-on-one and small group interactions. I've made it a point to try to travel between the people that I work with to develop stronger relationships. Many of the conversations are too personal to share, but I know that they're engraved in my heart. It's been a wonderful summer of building new relationships and has reminded me how important that part of the human experience is.

It's been a wonderful summer, one that has flown by. In just a couple of weeks, we will be back in classes and 2nd years in our Master's program!

Though I may forget details and colors from the summer, I know that I'll never forget the warmth I feel for Midlands Technical College.

Until next time!


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