Let's Get Technical: Post 3

It's hard to believe that in five short days we will have been serving as Orientation Advisors at Midlands Technical College for a month! In some ways, it feels like we've been there forever. In others, it feels like we're just getting started.

Since I last posted, we've conducted orientations at several different MTC campuses--something I've really enjoyed. While 4-year colleges may operate on a single campus or may employ an entirely different orientation team on a different campus (for example, USC--Aiken versus USC--Columbia), MTC operates with a limited team and budget, so we're doing all of the orientations.

My favorite campus so far is the Northeast campus, which looked like a cross between a space ship and a Japanese garden. The campus is mostly used for science and engineering students and featured amenities such as wall--to--wall whiteboards, computers in the majority of the classrooms, and industrial spaces to work in the building called the Innovation Center.

During lunch, one of the OLs (orientation leaders) and I explored the Innovation Center--a cavernous space filled with huge machines of which I couldn't even begin to describe the nature.

The campus also features a beautiful pond, gazebos, and balconies with tables and chairs where students can eat their lunches outside. If I were coming to MTC, I would probably want to take as many classes at Northeast as I could.

Here is a picture  (taken from one of the balconies) that doesn't even begin to capture the beauty of the campus.

I also enjoyed Northeast because of everyone's reactions to it (including my own). There is certainly still a perception that communities colleges are secondary to the work that 4-year institutions do, the students they teach, and the facilities that they command. 

Northeast blows that perception out of the water. The students there will go on to easily make 4-figures in the workforce and will perform essential duties without which our society could not function. They will enjoy their time in college at a breathtaking campus with state-of-the-art equipment. And on the day that we spent there, we got to help those students make their bright futures happen. 

Until next time!


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