Let's Get Technical: Post 6

For today's post, I wanted to take the time to talk about my lovely team and how every individual works together at Midlands Technical College to make orientation come together.

To start with, we have our executive team of professional staff. MTC believes in a philosophy where there is no job too small for someone to do. That means we see our director and assistant director on the ground floor with the rest of us, pitching in, advising, giving presentations, smoothing over all the rough edges to make orientation seem seamless.

Underneath the directors are the team of full-time advisors that work alongside us. Advisors do everything that we do, everything the executive staff do, and more! One of the full-time advisors was in the same graduate program that those of us doing the summer internship did. It's neat to see how far HESA took her.

The team of HESA interns are not the only students that the orientation and advising departments employ. MTC also employs orientation leaders and orientation assistants. Honestly, without the OLs and OAs, we'd be lost. If there is behind the scenes work to be done--setting up signs, setting up rooms, getting out snacks and water at intermission, directing students to orientation, and so much more.

All of the teamwork leads to smooth transitions and happy students. Advisors, like me, have time to go through their students' paperwork and prepare for our sessions. We are able to pitch in with orientation and with registration, but we know that we have a full team of individuals around us to help with every step of the way.

So far, our students have given us high ratings on the survey that asks about their experiences. Students come to me grinning and hopefully leave just as happy. Students talk about how excellent all of their experiences at orientation are when I ask them how things have gone so far.

I leave 9 out of 10 sessions wishing that I could get to know the students better. As I've talked about in previous posts, I know short a time our 15 minutes are with students. Yet, I also know how impactful those 15 minutes can be. They can deter students from their dreams. They can inspire a new dream. And for me, the students have a huge impact on me and how I see my job. They've helped reaffirm that I belong in the community college setting, and they've spurred some of my reflection on the issues that are facing our time.

Each of us plays a part in our team. Without the entire team, we wouldn't be able to function. But together, we make a great unit that helps students reach their goals.

"You can go anywhere from here." --Midlands Technical College slogan.

Until next time. 


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