Let's Get Technical: Post 7

We are halfway through July, which means that we only have a short few days until our internships at Midlands Technical College are over.

At this stage, several things are happening:

1) I've started composing my final reflection paper for my internship class. This means rereading my blog posts and spending some contemplative time by the river.

2) We got PAID! One less than ideal circumstance with the internship was the delay in our paychecks.

3) We had the option to opt into NODA and NACADA student internships. After this summer, I am fairly certain orientation isn't the place for me to be, in terms of my professional career. However, I could see myself as a director of an advising office at some point.

4) The team bonded! We saw The Secret Life of Pets as a group, had dinner together, and also formed closer, smaller relationships within the team that hopefully will last the duration of our professional careers (at least).

5) We have a country shindig to look forward to at our supervisor's house. Community colleges truly do target their communities--both in terms of attracting students and employing staff. That means that several staff members grew up around Columbia or in more rural areas of Columbia, SC. It's been neat to learn more about their lives. The party should be a fun piece of cultural sharing to round out the internship experience!

In all, so far I've had an excellent time both advising students and getting to know the individuals with whom I work.

I couldn't be happier with my decision to remain in Columbia for the summer. Though I didn't need much of a positive experience to solidify that I belong in a community college for my higher education, this great one certainly didn't hurt.

On a more personal note, it's been nice to be in a stable location for more than a year. While my AmeriCorps placements were fun, I couldn't imagine myself moving yet again for the summer when I had the opportunity to stay and strengthen connections at home.

Did I make the right choice? I'm pretty sure this picture answers that question.

 Until next time!


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