New Year's Resolutions? What about Last Year's Reflections? 2016 Edition

I have been working on an origami crane for several years now. In fact, I have been unfolding and refolding that same damn piece of paper in all different ways since I graduated from college.

 2016 was the year when all those creases started to make sense. By December, I had a bird in hand at last. Now,  I am watching it fly.

When I reflected on 2015 (I can't believe this is my FOURTH year doing this post!), a lot of the echoes of immense struggle were there. Thankfully I don't seem to be Sisyphus because this boulder I have been pushing up a mountain has actually gone somewhere.

A quote comes to mind--and I'm going to butcher it, but bear with me: "Walk to the farthest distance you can see. Then you will be able to see even more." I feel like a mountain climber who is finally enjoying the view.

I dubbed 2016 the "Year of Me." I vowed to be kinder to myself, to treasure my solitude, to face some of those icky spaces inside myself that I was way more prone to run from (I mean, if you have the opportunity to run from a spider, instead of kill it, then that's what you do, right?) rather than deal with.

Clearly ending sentences with prepositions on occasion wasn't on the list. Maybe this year!

But so many other things were:

1) I traveled outside of the country for the first time (to Ireland)!
2) I worked a summer internship at a local community college and nudged my foot back inside that sector after a two-year hiatus.
3) I had my second collection of poetry accepted for publication by my editor!
4) My first book, THE LIGHT YOU CANNOT TOUCH, was nominated for a international award!
5) I spent around two months at home, catching up with friends and family--and that time grows more precious to me every year.
6) I reconnected with some important people who filled spaces in my heart that I'd grown used to being vacant.
7) I started running again--this time with a buddy (safety and accountability ftw).
8) I applied for a Ph.D. program.
9) I finished my next to last semester in my graduate program.
10) I completed a practicum that turned into a wonderful full-time position!

I'm not sure how 2017 can top 2016, but as I keep climbing to new heights, I keep repeating that sentiment. I guess there are worse things in life than that. ;)

Check back for upcoming blog posts!

Wishing you a happy and safe 2017!

Until next time.


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